Quotes (2)

  • [about the ability of Highland Dale--aka "Beauty"--the title horse used in Fury (1955), to play baseball] The horse was out in center field. When the kid hit the ball, wherever it went, Fury went after it and ran to home base with it. McCutcheon [trainer Ralph McCutcheon] had the horse so well trained he could say, "All right, Beaut, go". The horse would run and Ralph would yell to him, "Look over your right shoulder" and the horse would turn while running and look back. He could do that on either the right or left side. What McCutcheon used to train horses and dogs I'll never know, but he was unbelievable!
  • [on John Dehner] He was a true professional. Came in prepared--knew his part, your part and the next guy's part. A fine actor, old reliable--he could do comedy or heavy villains.