Killed by a scooter at the age of 33, what a sad end for this kid from Aubervilliers who had just got a major role in Goodbye Gary Cooper (2009), in which he had had the opportunity to show all the range of his talent as Jean-Pierre Bacri's son. Quiet desperation had rarely been expressed with such sensitivity and, for sure, a great career awaited Yasmine Belmadi. Thirteen years earlier, a younger Yasmine had shone in S├ębastien Lifshitz's short Open Bodies (1998), earning him a best actor award at the Pantin Short Film Festival. A few more undistinguished roles had followed until this great opportunity given to him by Nassim Amaouche. Unfortunately Blind Destiny stopped his career short. Yasmine Belmadi left this world four days before Goodbye Gary Cooper (2009) was released.