Jaspal Bhatti Poster


Jaspal Bhatti, the most popular social satirist in India, graduated from Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh in North India, as an electrical engineer. He was famous for his street plays like his My Nonsense Club during his college days. Most of these plays were spoof ridiculing the corruption in the society. Before venturing out in to television, he was a cartoonist for the Tribune newspaper in Chandigarh.

His big break on the TV came when he acted in, and directed the immensely popular TV series like "Ulta Pulta" and "Flop Show" for Doordarshan television network. What attracted audience to his shows was his gift of inducing humour to highlight every day issues of middle class in India. Bhatti's satire on Punjab police called _Mahaul Teek Hai (1999)_ was his first directorial venture for a full length feature film in his native Punjabi language. The movie created controversy when some demanded a ban on it, saying it maligned the police force by depicting its officers as drunkard, and corrupt. The movie was however well received amongst audience for its simple and honest humour.

The cartoonist, humorist, actor and the filmmaker is now a days focusing on acting as he is getting numerous offers from Bollywood producers as a comedian.