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She was married to a prominent dentist (Hilde Hruska) in Rome, Italy.

Attractive Austrian leading lady of the late 20's and early 30's, a former Viennese beauty queen. She got into films courtesy of her father, Ludwig Ptack, who was employed as private secretary to the founder and owner of Austria's major motion picture company, Sascha-Filmfabrik AG. Betty's forte was comedy and the occasional crime drama or adventure film, in which she was invariably cast as the graceful, engaging love interest.

The actress Betty Bird was born as Hilde Elisabeth Ptack and grew up in the surroundings of count Alexander Kolowrat-Krakowsky (where her father worked), which was the owner of the Sascha film factory. There she met the cinematographer und later director Gustav Ucicky, they got married in 1923.

Although they always testified her over and over again a great potential of talent, the directors were unable to give her suitable roles in which she could develop.

After her divorce from Gustav Ucicky she got married again in 1937. She retired from the film business and lived in Italy till her death.