This former ballerina and high-voltage seductress debuted in adult films in 1990 and appeared in over 90 features before leaving the business in 1992. She could play the shy, innocent sexual novice or the slutty tart with equal ease, and used her incredibly sexy body to drive her sex partners through the ceiling. Carrie's trim, lithe young body was an instant mercury raiser.

A good actress as well as a fiery seducer, Carrie was a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild whose talents landed her the occasional mainstream gig in mainstream films that show her skills as a true actress. However, this hot-tempered, sensual temptress made her name, or names, in porn for her steamy scenes and perfect body.

Among her more unforgettable moments are Just for the Hell of It (1991), in which she plays Queen Cleopatra stuck in Hell with the Devil, Randy Spears, and, of course, Suze Randall's fabulous pictures, especially in the series called Alicyn Sterling Never Looked More Stunning.