Jessica, a dual-citizen ( US/CAN) by birth was born and raised for the first part of her life in Edmonton Alberta. At 12 she and her mother moved to Vancouver where she started acting; landing small parts in local television series including "21 Jumpstreet", and "Hillside" with Ryan Reynolds, (but it was one episode and he probably wouldn't remember her anyway) ... Thanks Deadpool.

However, being a "kid actor" wasn't as fun as "Teen Beat" magazine made it look. So she hung it up in order to continue with school and sports.

After earning a business degree from Acadia University and traveling on several worldly adventures, she finally arrived in Los Angeles in 1998.

Over the past two decades, Jessica worked consistently as a voiceover actor. Voicing commercial campaigns for a variety of companies from automotive, to vitamins. Included in her credits are: Network promos, animation, video games, live announcer award shows and ceremonies.

In the last year of her entertainment and advertising career, Jessica executive produced a little award-winning documentary short entitled "Carry Your Hand". An equestrian story of first loves, passion, and grit.

In January of 2021 she retired from the entertainment industry to join forces with the co-founders of Synthesis School. The Enders Game for education. See for more info on that front!