Ole Bornedal Poster


Ole Bornedal was born 1959 in Noerresundby, Denmark. From the time he was fourteen he knew he wanted to become a filmmaker. However, not being able to get into The Danish Film School, he had to create his own career and after a few years of University Studies in Film, he started working for The National Danish Broadcasting Company doing radio-dramas and radio-features. Within a few years, Ole was awarded the "Oscar" in Radio: The Prix Italia and acknowledged as one of the most outstanding Radio-Feature directors in the world.

Later Ole worked in television making both Comedies and Dramas and subsequently won The Prix Italia for Best Television Drama in 1996. At the age of 33 he was appointed Head of Television Drama and was the youngest Executive ever but only held the job for one and a half years as he was invited to the United States to do a remake of his International film debut: the thriller, "Nightwatch."

Ole went on to work in New York and Los Angeles for two years as a director, script-developer and Producer.

In 1997, Ole moved back to Denmark and started writing and directing for the stage. In addition, he continued to write and develop feature films and television. In 2001, Ole started his own theater - The Aveny. During the next four years, The Aveny became the most popular best-selling theater in Copenhagen. In 2004, Ole left to restart his international film career and made three movies back-to-back.

Bornedal's movies have been critically acclaimed all over the world and is acknowledged as one of the most influential creators of "The New Danish Cinema."

Ole lives in Copenhagen and has four children: Johan, Claudia, Fanny and Little Peter.