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Ole Bornedal is one of few directors who has both worked in film and theater. Between 2001 and 2005 he was Theatre Manager of one of Copenhagens most popular and innovative theaters Aveny Teatret - and has written and directed several plays. Among them his own re-written version of Macbeth, Die, Heaven, Jeppe and Screamers.

In the mid-'90s he was given a multi-picture deal with Miramax and directed the American remake of his Danish hit, Nightwatch (1994). Miramax/Dimension brought him in as a co-producer on Del Torros first American movie, Mimic (1997) along with the Weinsteins and worked for a couple of years as a script supervisor. Returned to Denmark in order to take care of his family along with several more local projects such as "Deep Water" mini-series for television that won the Cologne TV-Film-Festival. Theater-work. "I Am Dina" (starring Depardieu, Eccleston and Mads Mikkelsen) which won the Montreal Film Festival. The suspense thriller "Just Another Love Story". Sci Fi for kids: "The Substitute" and "Deliver us from Evil". All of the titles participating and winning awards in festivals like in Toronto, Sundance and throughout Europe. Worked with Sam Raimi and Ghosthouse on The Possession which grossed more than 80 mil dollar worldwide.

Applied to the National Film School of Denmark, but was not accepted. He humorously describes his interview in front of a committee consisting of a bored Mogens Rukov, a flirtatious Kirsten Thorup and Jørgen Leth, who allegedly left the room.

Says he first decided he wanted to work in film when he saw an Antonioni film when he was fourteen.

Before his film career he worked for Danish broadcaster DR, especially in radio documentary.