Trivia (9)

Ex-daughter-in-law of Margaret Mary Jones.

Daughter Stacia, b. July 24, 1980 from her relationship with musician Andrew Lipka.

David Bowie wrote the song "The Prettiest Star" (from 'Aladdin Sane') for her. Despite rumors to the contrary, The Rolling Stones's song "Angie" was not written about her.

Wrote autobiography, "Backstage Passes: Life On the Wild Side with David Bowie", published in 1993.

Her son with David Bowie was originally named Zowie Bowie, but later changed it to Joe. He's currently known as Duncan Jones.

Gave up custody of her son Duncan Jones, accepting $750,000 in a settlement deal, when divorcing David Bowie.

According to Stardust: The David Bowie Story, once in college, Angela jumped out of a 4th story window in the college building and wasn't injured.

Started seeing a therapist after she divorced David Bowie and he got custody of their son, Zowie. Her therapist shot himself before their second session.

Sh auditioned for the role of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman for a television series, but it ultimately went to Lynda Carter.