Trivia (8)

After the war he did no longer work for the film business and he wrote several radio plays.

Johannes Brandt also directed few movies from 1920 on like "Die sieben Gesichter" (1920), "Marionetten des Teufels" (1920), "Ebbe und Flut" (1921) and "Der Fahnenträger von Sedan" (1927).

Besides his activity in the film business Johannes Brandt also wrote libretti for operettas and lyrics for songs.

His last screenplays came at the beginning of the 30s into being.

The screenwriter Johannes Brandt finished successfully his study for German philology and musicology before he began to work as a theater critic. Finally he became the chief editor of the magazine "Filmkurier".

He already wrote his first screenplay in 1915 for "Die Raches des Voodoos" .

He became established as a screenwriter in the 20s.

When the National Socialists seized the power Johannes Brandt went to France but in 1939 he was detained there.