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Grand-Officer of the Order of Merit (9 June 2005), Grand-Officer of the Order of Prince Henry (22 April 2016).

Son of João Moreira Lopes and wife Augusta Pereira da Silva de Melo Breyner Pereira, great-great-great-great-granddaughter through two natural sons of the third Lord of Ficalho Nobleman of Coat of Arms of de Melo (timber) with crown of Lord and wife the first Countess of Ficalho. Has two natural daughters by Cláudia Ramos: Mariana and Constança Ramos de Melo Breyner Lopes.

Stepfather of Vasco, Tiago Teotónio Pereira and Mónica Bessa Theotónio Pereira (Mafalda Gomes de Amorim Bessa's children by her first marriage to Pedro de Aragão Morais Theotónio Pereira).

Supports Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Commander of the Military Order of Christ, Honorary-Member of the Order of Prince Henry, Officer of the Order of Benemerency.