Trivia (9)

Was a chartered accountant before acting.

Keen fan of Manchester United FC and actively involved in the Shareholders United independent organisation which seeks to protect the clubs independence.

The son of a chartered accountant and an adjudicator of amateur theatre, he was permitted to act on the condition that he study accountancy.

Did his national service in the education corps, teaching at the Army Apprentice School in Carlisle.

Was for many years joint treasurer of TACT, The Actor's Charitable Trust.

Tall British character actor of commanding presence, often seen playing establishment or authority figures, such as magistrates, vicars, doctors, headmasters or bank managers.

Was in a relationship for many years with actress Gillian McCutcheon, they split up in 1996. They had a son, Oliver, together.

His partner from 2001 was Joan Jones, a childhood friend whom he met at a school reunion.

Regularly worked with Victoria Wood throughout the 1980s and 1990s.