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Trivia (11)

Son Ethan Zane Browne born November 2, 1973.

Son Ryan Daniel Browne born January 28, 1982.

His first wife, Phyllis Major, committed suicide by overdosing on sleeping pills.

His second wife, model Lynne Sweeney, divorced him and returned to her native Australia after he started a public romance with actress Daryl Hannah.

In fall of 2004, he participated in the Vote for Change concert tour organized to encourage the defeat of George W. Bush in the U.S. presidential election.

In 1986, during the height of the Reagan administration, his album "Lives In the Balance" was released, with stridently political songs critical of then-current situations. Elektra Records refused to produce a video for the album's title track, so Browne produced one out of his own pocket.

Jackson Browne attended the 2nd annual HatcH audiovisual festival in Bozeman, MT, in October 2005 to present the HatcH Gibson Guitar New Musician Award to Chris Webster.

The back cover of his 1976 album "The Pretender" shows Kenneth Rexroth's translation of Pablo Neruda's poem "Brown and Agile Child".

Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2007.

Produced albums for Warren Zevon.

Produced the Eagles' 1972 debut album, and co-wrote many of the tracks.