J.S. Cardone Poster


Writer, director and producer J.S. Cardone has made a steady succession of hugely enjoyable and satisfying mystery thrillers and horror chillers since the early 80s. He was born as Joseph S. Cardone in 1946 in Pasadena, California. Cardone graduated from college with a degree in political science. He spent four years each as both a rock band member and a theater director before working as a writer at Universal television for an additional three years. Cardone made his promising feature film debut with the nifty low-budget fright flick "The Slayer." His follow-up movies are likewise on the money solid and entertaining affairs; they include the creepy and underrated sci-fi/horror sleeper "Shadowzone," the gripping supernatural serial killer opus "Shadow Hunter," the terrifically trashy vampire doozy "The Forsaken," and the pleasingly eerie zombie effort "Wicked Little Things." Cardone has also written scripts for such pictures as the "Prom Night" remake, "The Covenant," "Sniper 3," "Alien Hunter," and "Crash and Burn." He usually writes the scripts for the movies he directs and has served as a producer on a handful of films. Moreover, J.S. Cardone often works with his cinematographer brother Michael, producer wife Carol Kottenbrook, and actress Lori Heuring.