Clint Carmichael Poster

Trivia (11)

Was the last villain to try and kill Tom Selleck in the final episode of Magnum P.I., and was cast in the show because of his stature and resemblance to Tom...producers wanted the audience to wonder for a moment if Magnum survived the episode's climatic knife fight.

Studied acting at The Beverly Hills Playhouse with Milton Katselas.

Has worked as a lifeguard, a bouncer, a waiter, a ski instructor and a stuntman.

First actor to play a Nausicaan, an alien species introduced in the Star Trek: TNG episode Tapestry.

Was a member of The West Coast Ensemble with Sharon Lawrence.

Ran the 92' L.A. marathon in 4.08.

Has had a hole-in-one while playing golf.

Is a certified SCUBA diver.

Worked in five different live stunt shows for The Universal Studios Tour in Hollywood: The A-Team, Miami Vice, Wild Wild West, Conan and T-2 Terminator Stunt Shows.

Works extensively in commercials and has appeared in campaigns for: Bank of America, Ford, Coors, Cadillac, Dish Network, Budweiser, Mazda, Levi's, Chase, Comcast, Viagra, Colgate, Miller Lite and Sony to name a few.

Studied film at San Francisco State University.