Michael Carmine Poster


Carmine's stage credits included productions at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and The Henry Street Settlement and La Mama ETC theaters, but he was best known for his work in Reinaldo Povad's "La Puta" and "Cuba and His Teddy Bear," the last successful New York Shakespeare Festival production whose cast included Robert Deniro and Ralph Macchio. Carmine also performed in episodes of TV's "Hill Street Blues", "MASH", "Miami Vice", and "Crime Story", as well as in some feature films. His films include: Scarface (1983); Invasion U.S.A.;, Turk 182! (1985); Band of The Hand (1986); Batteries Not Included (1987); Leviathan (1989); Longtime Companion (1990). He died tragically of heart failure. He was only thirty-years old.