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  • Anyway, in Paris, we were thrown together. We'd said we wouldn't see each other any more. But how can you not see each other when you are kissing each other every night on the stage every night? We came back and I asked my wife for a divorce which wasn't the first time...
  • The rewards of comedy are instant. I have no desire to look out into an audience to see if there are any tears.
  • I work fast because of the many years of machination when I try to come up with a performance quickly or otherwise somebody was waiting in the wings to replace me. There was no time for all of that (Actor's) workshop approach.
  • Daytime TV and talk shows also helped me. I am fascinating on all those programs. Full of witty remarks and sly innuendo which I have been preparing all day. Anyway, the ladies love it, and when I tour in a play or musical I do quite well at the box office.
  • When we reconciled after our other split, I begged her to let us move to a more stable area. But she insisted Beverly Hills schooling was important for the boys. Hell, what about their sense of values. At age 17 Shaun is the owner of a 71 Cadillac convertible.
  • Christ and the Bible have helped me muddle through the past year. In a way I have become a bit of a recluse and loner. I don't go to parties much anymore. You see, I have been that route. I'm looking for something more.
  • If I would have stayed with Evelyn [Evelyn Ward], my son, David [David Cassidy], might have turned out better. I wanted to raise him but she wouldn't give him up. That's all right. I don't care if David doesn't want to see me. I have three other sons who still love their father.
  • You're all rank amateurs when it comes to losing. How about this for a case history? There was a time when an actor friend of mine and I were both starving, waiting for a Broadway break. All of a sudden he got a job in 'Oklahoma!' and stayed with the show for the full seven years of its Broadway run. During that time I was in 15 different shows, nearly all of them flops. I'll say one thing for flops though, you learn from them in a way you never learn from winners. So in a way I am grateful for them.
  • I'd say the breakup was my fault. We toured together and I had a nervous breakdown.
  • We try to do as many things as we can that keeps up with the children. If one of us is away, the other is usually at home. I'm a very strict father, but affectionate also. I was raised strictly and I can't shed it. I care about discipline and I think boys need it. That's what's wrong with a lot of kids today; they don't get it. I tell the boys, I can let you go your own way but that ain't love.
  • The way I look has categorized me. Producers think I can't play a tough character, but I can. The trouble is I don't mess up easily. Even when I don't shave, even when I wear a beard, I still look neat.
  • We had an apartment in New York but I like living in a house. I put a lot of energy and brickwork into it. We want to buy a farm or a ranch where I can grow some produce and probably have some cattle, get drunk every night and listen to the wind.
  • Water is humbling. The ocean is a wonderful contradiction of ultimate peace and overwhelming power. It's the vast liquid expanse that makes you feel small.
  • [on his divorce from Shirley Jones] Oh, I still love Shirley. If I had worked on the marriage, we wouldn't be divorced today. Then, too, Shirley needed to be needed. She felt I wanted her rather than needed her. I wish we hadn't divorced. But when I think of getting together again, I don't have a clue about how to bring about a reconciliation. She's dating someone now and I wouldn't dream of intruding.