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Father of Michele DeCesare.

Attended Wake Forest University in the mid-'60s. A few of The Sopranos (1999) episodes included references to both Wake Forest's basketball team as well as its location, Winston-Salem, NC.

The character of Livia Soprano is based on his own mother, Norma.

He originally wanted to be a professional musician.

Has suffered from severe depression and panic attacks since his teens. His depression was so severe in his first year of college that he often slept for 18 hours a day.

Chase named the 'College" episode of _ "The Sopranos (1999)_ as his favorite because of its "self-contained nature". Co-stars James Gandolfini and Jamie-Lynn Sigler agreed it was perhaps their favorite episode as well.

Based Tony Soprano's experience in psychotherapy for depression and anxiety on his own.

Livia Soprano's frequently used line "Oh poor You" was something Chase's mother used to say.

His parents were opposed to his desire to pursue a career in film.

He has described both of his parents as abusive, saying that his father was an angry man who belittled him constantly, and his mother was a "passive-aggressive drama queen" and a "nervous woman who dominated any situation she was in by being so needy and always on the verge of hysteria.".

Graduated from West Essex High School in North Caldwell, New Jersey.