Darlene Cooke Poster


Darlene was born in a northern Ontario nickel mining town and raised in Base Borden, a Canadian Armed Forces Base. She grew up with her seven siblings and parents in an active and busy household. The entire family moved to Toronto when Darlene was a young teen.

During her high school cheer leading years, Darlene worked as a model, studied dance and voice, and delighted in her passion for Thoroughbred horses. For the next twelve years she began travelling the globe after landing a job as a Flight Attendant.

Family life began knocking on Darlene's door and she began adoption procedures as a Single Parent for her first child. Several years later Darlene began her career as a Union actor after a successful introduction to stand up comedy and the birth of her second child. Darlene quickly learned that the life of an actor is a truly unpredictable and exciting experience with the constant challenge of balance, energy, family and the desire and determination to grow in one's craft.

Darlene resides in the East Toronto neighborhood with her youngest son, who is attending University and their adorable Cairn Terrier. Her leisure time is filled with her continued passion for equestrian riding and jumping, exercising their amusing dog, cooking comfort food in her cozy kitchen and trying to remain connected and loving to her growing adult sons.