Mara Corday Poster

Trivia (8)

Playboy Playmate of the Month October 1958 (with Pat Sheehan).

Mother of Valerie Long, Carey Long and Gregory Long.

Sister-in-law of Marshall Thompson and Barbara Long.

Interviewed in "It Came from Horrorwood: Interviews with Moviemakers in the SF and Horror Tradition" by Tom Weaver (McFarland, 1996).

1955 Deb Star.

Former showgirl at the Earl Carroll Theater in Hollywood.

Frequently cast by (director) Clint Eastwood, who had a cameo in a film she co-starred in, Tarantula (1955).

Plays the waitress in the third Dirty Harry film, Sudden Impact (1983),l in the scene where Clint Eastwood utters the now classic line: "Go ahead . . . make my day!".