Jeff Corey Poster

Quotes (2)

  • I'm glad there has been such a diversity of roles in my career. I think I'm one actor who has not been pigeonholed or typecast.
  • I'm a good person, fortunately. That's why I'm a pretty happy person now. I've been married for 51 years, have six grandchildren. I'm very proud that I behaved well and didn't make a begging, obsequious fool of myself. The blacklist hurt my career. I probably get considerably less in pensions now as a writer and director than I would have, but I'm not bitching about it. I think of my kids. They know that I was tested and behaved well, which makes me feel awfully good. I couldn't have lived if I had just gone against all of my inclinations, everything I ever believed in. I just couldn't be an informer. I know I've got guts and I know I care so much for my country. I demonstrated it. (from a 1989 interview)