Born in Chicago of Italian descent, Chris was an original teenage rebel. At Fifteen years old, he forged his birth certificate to quit high school early. Stole the fire chief's car for a lark. Got caught. Remaining teenage years, he played a lot of pool for money and had several odd jobs. A creative risk taker, at eighteen years old, he applied for a job as assistant manager of a loan company. The ad read "Must be 21 years old, 2 years college and have some collection experience." This was Corso's first acting job. Chris put on his only blue suit and tie, pulled his shiny Black Cadillac convertible directly in front of the loan co. and applied. He lied of course and checked every box and he was hired. Turns out the manager was planning to leave soon and would groom Chris for his job...he had several compact cars he was renting to airline stewardesses for their layovers in Chicago to go shopping. Chris started helping him deliver cars to the young ladies after closing the office. He and Chris soon made an agreement and became partners in Rent a Cars. They started with 25 cars and steadily grew the fleet year to year. 10 years later Chris was bored and though the company was doing great, the fleet had expanded to 200 cars and trucks, he sold his percentage, shipped his new XJ-6 Jaguar, his airline stewardess girlfriend and his thoroughbred jumper horse to Manhattan Beach, Ca. Wasn't long after he caught the acting bug and enrolled in the Beverly Hills Playhouse, he also developed a movie script "The Texas Boys" to produce with a writer he met Bob Bonney. The script turned out to be quite good and attracted a hot lit agent and interest in all the 7 major studios...even Paul Newman had considered directing it as his son Scott was attached to star in it. Making movies is a business like no other and many successful business men from the midwest found out the hard way by losing their hard-earned fortune... Two - years later Chris was dead broke. His solace was his love for the arts and his new-found passion for acting. The coming years found him studying with the best acting coaches of the day, he had the lead in several plays and a few parts in TV and film. Not making a sustainable living, he turned his focus to writing movie scripts. After writing several scripts, magic struck and he got one made "Poolhall Junkies" starring Christopher Walken. Chris also studied jazz piano for years and wrote a jazz script "Surviving the Cool" now optioned to an up and coming indie producer. Back to acting, Chris has new representation and is excited about the future. Hooray for Hollywood!