Academy Award-winning producer, songwriter ("Everybody Loves Somebody", "My Old Flame", "Sing You Sinners", "Cocktails for Two"), composer, publisher and author, educated at Erasmus Hall High School. He co-founded Spier & Coslow, Inc.

His Broadway stage credits include the score for "Artists and Models". He co-founded the "Soundie" industry, and produced many of the Soundies films. He was also associate producer and songwriter for the MGM short Heavenly Music (1943) which was awarded an Oscar for best short subject of 1943. Traveling to London in 1954, he wrote for film and stage musicals. He joined ASCAP in 1923. (One of his non-musical publications was "Technical Stock Reports".) His chief musical collaborators included Sammy Fain, Arthur Johnston, Ralph Rainger, Sigmund Romberg, Jimmy Van Heusen, Richard A. Whiting, Harry M. Woods, Burton Lane, Hoagy Carmichael, Friedrich Hollaender, Irving Taylor and J. Fred Coots.

His other popular-song compositions include "True Blue Lou", "Just One More Chance", "Thanks", "Down the Old Ox Road", "Moon Song", "Learn to Croon", "The Day You Came Along", "This Little Piggie Went to Market", "Make Believe Island", "Have You Forgotten So Soon?", "Ebony Rhapsody", "Black Moonlight", "Blue Mirage", "Moonstruck", "Troubled Waters", "I Want a New Romance", "Kinda Lonesome", "True Confession", "Sweeping the Clouds Away", "A Little White Gardenia", "Mr. Paganini", "Dreaming Out Loud", "I'm In Love With the Honorable Mr. So-and-So", "It's Love Again", "Kitten on the Keys", "Was It A Dream", "Texas Ranger", "One Kiss Away From Heaven", "Live and Love Tonight", "Good Morning", "Grieving For You", "Our Dream Waltz", "Animal Crackers", "In the Middle of a Kiss", "Beware My Heart", "Bebe, Be Mine", "Je Vous Aime", "Tomorrow Night" and "Heavenly Music".