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Her alcohol abuse culminated in her finally checking herself into the Rutland Centre (Dublin) in February 1994 in order to receive treatment for her addiction.

She has three children from her first marriage: Aoife (born 1976), Olwen (born 1978) and Owen (born 1981) and two children from her marriage to Frank Bonadio: Clare (born 1992) and Cian (born 1997)

She started singing at the age of 29 and in March 1985 she released her debut album, "Tired And Emotional" which went on to sell over 100,000 copies. Her second album, "Under the Influence", was released in 1987. She has subsequently released 8 other albums namely "After the Fall", "Mary Coughlan Sings Billie Holiday", "Long Honeymoon", "Red Blues", "Uncertain Pleasures", "Sentimental Killer", "Love For Sale" and "Live In Galway".