Michael Culver Poster

Trivia (11)

His great-grandfather was founder of George Culver Optics Ltd. His father was the character actor, Roland Culver. His brother is actor Robin Culver. Has two sons, Roderic Culver and Justin and daughter, Sue Culver.

Is an avid GO player (a.k.a., weiqi or baduk - a game of strategy currently popular in Asia that was invented in China several thousands of years ago). Rumored to have been ranked at 2 dan.

Was a spear carrier in London's Old Vic alongside other apprentices such as Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

Furthered his theatrical training in the Dundee Repertory Compay with people like Edward Fox, Glenda Jackson and Nicol Williamson.

Worked several times with the producer-director-writer Gerard Glaister, for example: This Man Craig (1966), The Revenue Men (1967), Moonstrike (1963) and, most importantly, Secret Army (1977).

Didn't appear in the last episode of the first series of "Secret Army" due to an attack of appendicitis.

Appeared on the front page of "The Radio Times" in February 1963 publicizing "Moonstrike".

As a lad, he joined the Air Cadets (to avoid "square-bashing" with the army cadets) but was exempted from National Service because he failed the eyesight test.

Now an active Peace and Civil Liberties campaigner.

Studied at LAMDA (London School of Dramatic Art) in the early 60s.

Children Roderic (also an actor), Justin and Sue.