Keith David Poster

Quotes (14)

  • Actually, I wanted to be an actor when I was two years old.
  • [on Gargoyles (1994)] I was very moved by Goliath. I was moved by playing him. They're not displaced citizens but they are citizens from another time and another place that were placed in this modern context and maintained that integrity.
  • You get to celebrate the content of someone's character as opposed to the color of their skin or their outward appearance. That to me is the most impressive element about Gargoyles (1994) because it forces you to deal with who they are. Not what they look like or anything external. You are dealing with internal principles about these people.
  • I don't think they're going to pay me to play Mufasa.
  • I came out singing, the doctor slapped me on the head, and I started singing.
  • I am working on my nightclub act, definitely want to do more singing.
  • But Gargoyles, bar none, is the most fun I've ever had in life.
  • And it has some weight, I mean, the whole history of the gargoyles, that's some wonderful stuff.
  • What has been happening more lately - of course, I also put in my bio, I say I do the voice of Goliath, but some people go - you know, I say something, and it's a funny thing when you work in this business, people will talk out loud in front of you like you're not there.
  • Well, you know, I played Mufasa in the workshop of The Lion King.
  • My whole life, I always wanted to be an actor.
  • It can't hurt, publicity is publicity, controversy and all that, it's all good.
  • In fact, I have never met anyone who didn't like Gargoyles.
  • I loved old movies as a kid, so I always watched old movies.