Off stage, Marcus real life job was as an auto mechanic. He was very found of high-end luxury cars such as BMW and Cadillac. He also played 3 musical instruments, Cello, Piano and Clarinet. As well as signing in choirs. Marcus also had a fondness of knowledge and was very proud of his book collection. He was also a self proclaimed nerd. Loving Sci-if and anything having to do with space travel. He was very unsuccessful in personal relationships. Finding it hard to make and keep close friends, and never had a respectable partner in his life, someone that he could trust to wake up next to. During the same time he did films, he was also an escort. Being able to carry on respectable conversations at dinner parties and could carry himself in such ways to gain respect without question to people he had never met. He only ever received one piece of fan mail, a letter from a Californian Fireman. He was proud of the letter and use to have it displayed.