Trivia (13)

He is a famous singer and composer, who has participated in the Portuguese Song Festival of 1974 with the winner song "E Depois do Adeus", which he wrote, composed and sang.

His partner, Susana Lemos, is a plastic artist.

Father, with partner Susana Lemos, of two girls named Maria (b. 2004) and Flor (b. June 26th 2008).

Grandfather of a boy named Duarte (Paulo Nuno's son).

Father, with Fernanda Borges, of Paulo Nuno.

His song "E Depois do Adeus", winner of the Portuguese Song Festival of 1974, airing on the radio at 8h00pm on April 24th 1974, although not a political song, was the first sign for the beginning of the Portuguese Revolution of the Carnations of April 25th 1974.

Composed the anthem of one of the major Portuguese political parties, the right-wing party Partido Popular Democrático - Partido Social-Democrata.

Former son-in-law of actress, novelist and poet Rosa Lobato Faria.

Father of singer Mafalda Sachetti, from his first marriage.

Has a son, Bernardo, from his second marriage with actress Helena Isabel.

Son of Aureliano de Bragança da Costa and his wife Adriana de Carvalho.

On June 10th 2009 the President of Portugal, Aníbal Cavaco Silva, gave him a medal of Ordem da Liberdade.

Supports Benfica.