Andrea Del Boca Poster


Since she was a four-year old child, Andrea Del Boca has had a busy and successful career. She has always played main character in her telenovelas, movies and theater performances. She is considered one of the biggest stars in Argentine show business. Andrea Del Boca has conquered audience not only in Spanish speaking countries but also in different countries such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, United States of America, Israel, Egypt, Dubai, China, India and Russia. In 1987 Umberto Eco, a famous Italian semiologist and writer, author of "The Name of the Rose," praised Andrea's talent. In his article titled "I like Andrea Del Boca's Telenovelas ", he wrote that he was not only seduced by the actress but also especially surprised by the success of her telenovelas in Italy. She has headed a lot of TV programs such as "Nuestra galleguita" (1969), Jugar a Morir" (1970), "Papa Corazon" (1972), "Andrea Celeste" (1979), "Señorita Andrea" (1980), "Romeo y Julieta" (1981), "Celeste" (1991), "Antonella" (1992), "Perla Negra" (1994), and "El Sodero de mi Vida" (2001) "Tiempo de Pensar" (2011), "Esa Mujer" (2014), to name just a few. Movies such as "Había una vez un Circo" (1970), "Andrea" (1971), "Papa Corazon se quiere casar" (1972), "Un mundo de amor" (1975), "Cien veces no debo" (1990), "Funes" (1993), "Apariencias" (2000). Also Theater performances such as "Las Mariposas son Libres" (1983), "Agnes of God" (1984), "Eva y Victoria" (2011) Andrea Del Boca is very close to her family who have always been of great professional and emotional support in her life. Even though she is one of the biggest stars in Argentina, she has been able to keep her life "private". Andrea Del Boca has been a wonderful example of professionalism and soberness.