Lamya Derval is a model/actress that was born in Paris. After a move to America and training in theatre, she appeared on stage in LA in An Evening with Dracula at the Variety Arts Centre and in Madame De Jass off-Broadway, she moved into film, starring in Hellhole, with Judy Landers, Terminal Velocity and The Kid Brother which was awarded the first prize at the World Film Festival. After Howling IV, Lamya was cast by the same director, John Hough in his next film, Dangerous Love (later retitled The Lady and the Highwayman) as the Queen of England, but her scenes were left on the famous 'Cutting Room floor'. After the film, she promptly performed a vanishing act and no trace of her existence post-1989 has ever come to light in the public domain. Is she still and L.A resident, or has she returned to her native France?