Angela DiMarco Poster


Angela DiMarco is an actor and producer known for Mr. Bleachers, The Parish, Brides to Be, and Switchmas with Elliott Gould. Angela's Directorial debut, Always, had it's international premiere in the 2018 Short Film Corner as part of the Festival de Cannes, and its US premiere in SIFF 2018.

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington. Angela was cast in her first feature film when she was 10 years old. She attended Summit K-12 Alternative School of the Arts, then studied in a BFA program before moving to Los Angeles. In 2012 she moved back to Seattle, launched Mighty Tripod Productions and Acting Studio with her husband, David S. Hogan. They produce short films, feature films, teach on-going classes and offer private coaching to actors all over the US. Angela continues to be a working and teaching artist on both stage and screen. With a focus on the importance of Women in Film.