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Trivia (7)

When Frits van Dongen caught a serious injury on a stage in Holland in 1955 he had to withdraw from acting and spent the rest of his life more or less isolated.

He was the first Dutchman who was able to launch a successful Hollywood career.

When he was engaged for the role of the grand duke in the German two-parter "Der Tiger von Eschnapur" (1938) and "Das indische Grabmal" (1938) this marked his great breakthrough in Europe and the height of his career.

He continued his career in the USA after World War II and from time to time he also appeared in German movies again.

He was married twice. Firstly to Cornelia Maria Twilt (1921-1930), and secondly, until his death in 1975, to Dutch actress Marianne van Dam (1933-1975).

Because the political circumstances changes quickly in Germany he could only continue his promising career for a short time with the movies "Verwehte Spuren" (1938) and "Die Reise nach Tilsit" (1939).

When the war broke out he fled to the USA where he became a busy actor with his pseudonym Philip Dorn - often in anti Nazi movies - in low budget movies.