Draghixa Poster


Draghixa was born to Yugoslav parents in Paris, France on 3 June 1973. Her porn career ran from Sep 1993 to about May 1995. Her retirement, largely due to the fear of AIDS from unprotected sex, was announced in the French "sex" press, notably French Playboy, May 1995. During the years c.1993-1996/7 she worked as a glamour model, striptease artiste, and acted in "soft" mini-dramas on French TV. Later, having retired from the "sex scene", she appeared as a dj in French nightclubs, gaining a considerable reputation on the club circuit. Her later career is in music.

Although now (2009) 15 years retired from porn, Draghixa has a large devoted following worldwide. During her relatively short porn career she established herself as a true "star" of the genre. In an age of "blonde bimbo clones", she brought to all her work a unique beauty of face and body, a naturally very sexy style, and a feeling that she would be a really nice girl to know.