Catherine Dudley-Rose is the daughter of the late Canadian concert pianist Raymond Dudley. She performed frequently with her father, and won several awards as a young artist on the violin, performing for the likes of Tony Randal, Itzak Perlman, and the Pope. Simultaneously, she went to the Governor's School for the Arts in Drama, and was selected to perform (acting) for Sam Waterston. Moving to New York with her violin and plays, Catherine joined The Red Earth Ensemble, a non-profit theatre company working in Soho. Chosen by Allison Janney of the West Wing & Mom, Matthew Carnahan, creator of Dirt & House of Lies, and Bill Hill - Boardwalk Empire, to become a member of this small company sponsored by Joanne Woodward, Catherine stayed with the group for 7 years as its youngest member.

Directed by Shannon McMahon, Rich Lichte, and working on plays by Harvey Huddleston, among others set the bar. Catherine then taught Meisner acting technique alongside John Patrick Shanley, and Rob Morrow at the New York Stage and Film Program at Vassar. Her own screenplay has been optioned more than a few times, (originally to Kimberly Shane O'Hara and Eric Klein). The script received a grant funded in part by the NEA based on the soundtrack development which connects classical music, with the most modern sounds of today, with jazz as the bridge. Catherine has since been commissioned to write screenplays, has been a teaching artist for the Broadway Theatre Institute, and composes using violin, and piano. She is a National Film Challenge (team leader) for "Farewell" which won "Best Fantasy Film". She is the writer/director/producer for award winning Parallel Chords (overture), which screened over 30 times 2015-2016. The feature film, Parallel Chords has won a number of festival awards including Best Feature Writer in LA, and was selected for the 2018 Emerging Director / New Filmmaker's Forum at the St. Louis International Film Festival.