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Quotes (5)

  • I've never burned to be a star. You have to have enough of a name to get the big parts with the best people.
  • Film acting is about your motivation, it's about why you decide this or that, whereas on stage the action is more important than the decision.
  • [on the benefits of film acting] There's a certain kind of smallness when they come in tight, a kind of subtlety and a kind of naturalism that you can't do on stage. You're allowed to be very, very real and very, very spontaneous.
  • The thing about television is that it fades very quickly. That so-called stardom thing is very elusive. Television churns out so much so fast that each new thing erases the last. Enduring stardom, I think, takes a body of work.
  • I've had so many projects where people have said, "This is the one that will launch you; you're going to be a big star." It hasn't happened although my career continues to build steadily. More parts are open to me, and more people know of me, and I like that better than suddenly being the new Eddie Murphy or John Travolta. When and if that kind of responsibility for a play or film is thrust on me, I'll be ready because I have a large backlog of experience.