Rockmond Dunbar Poster

Quotes (9)

  • Most actors love to get to the point where they're not auditioning.
  • Give yourself room to make mistakes because you're human. We've got to make mistakes, and allow ourselves to make those mistakes.
  • Out of everything - out of the money and the gift bags - the most important thing to me is just my mother and father being happy.
  • There's not that many surprises that you get in life.
  • Be patient. Always be kind. Stand in the middle of the river. Be prepared. It [success] will all come. Don't be in such a rush.
  • Anything that's really grounded in humanity and is real, but just happens to be faux pas, or just really shouldn't be funny, I like it.
  • If you want to be in this business [acting], do it for the right reasons. Don't be in it because you want to be a celebrity. Be in it because you really love the work, and the work keeps you up at night, and it keeps you motivated, and it wakes you up early in the morning because you have ideas.
  • I love dark humor. I love things that are so grounded in life, but just happen to be just a little bit twisted because my sense of humor is a little bit twisted. I love jokes that shouldn't be funny, but are. Those types of things just really make me laugh.
  • Never get in to it [acting] because you want to do it for the money. Have that passion in your heart, where you would do it for free just because you absolutely love it. If you just want to do it because you want to be famous, then go do reality TV.