Sandy Duncan Poster

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There is/was a punk/alternative band called Sandy Duncan's Eye.

Born at 8:34am-CST

She lost sight in her left eye due to a tumor behind the eye which damaged the optic nerve. Despite rumors, she does not have a glass eye.

Despite the fact that she and Tommy Tune had worked so well together on stage in "My One and Only," they failed to get a theatre adaptation of the Judy Garland and Fred Astaire film classic Easter Parade (1948) off the ground in the late 1990's. This was primarily because Irving Berlin's daughters (who control his estate) were unhappy with workshop productions.

Lives in New York City's Upper East Side with her husband and two children.

Her second ex-husband, Dr. Thomas Calcaterra, is a head and neck onocologist who practices at UCLA Medical Center Division of Head and Neck Surgery, and is also a professor of surgery at UCLA Medical School. They met when Duncan had the tumor removed from behind her left eye.

Attended Lon Morris College in Jacksonville, TX.

Has been nominated for the Tony Award three times: as Best Supporting or Featured Actress (Musical), in 1969 for "Canterbury Tales," and as Best Actress (Musical), in 1971 for a revival of "The Boy Friend" and in 1980 for a revival of "Peter Pan."