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Brunette German leading lady of the 1930's, who also filmed in France and had a brief and unsuccessful sojourn at RKO in Hollywood. While in America, she befriended Mary Pickford and married the expatriate Lithuanian actor Ivan Lebedeff. Engels was the daughter of an Admiral, former Governor of the German-controlled Chinese colony of Tsing-tau.

She and the silent movie actress Mary Pickford became best friends.

After Lebedeff's death in 1953 of angina pectoris, she moved back to Europe, where she stayed with several friends in London and Stockholm before she went back to Germany.

The actress Wera Engels had a short but very eventful film career.

By 1935 she returned to Germany, but left soon thereafter, because of the decline of the German movie industry caused by the Nazi propaganda machine. Back in Hollywood, she dated Gary Cooper for a while but married the Lithuanian-born actor/writer Ivan Lebedeff.

She lived the rest of her life with Erna Hoffmann (widow of Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler's friend and personal photographer) in the Munich area.

Producers saw her as a cheap alternative to Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

She appeared in Marcel L'Herbier's movie "Le parfum de la dame en noir" (1930). In the following years she continued working for the international film business, in Germany as well as France, and from 1933 to 1935 in the USA.