Trevor Eve Poster

Trivia (13)

Before enrolling at RADA he studied architecture at Kingston Polytechnic in London.

In 1995, while playing polo, he fell badly from his pony, and for 48 hours, the doctors feared he would be paralysed.

Is involved with a street charity called Child Hope International.

He is an Associate of RADA.

He was awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award, Best Actor in a New Play (1981 theatre season), in 1982 for his performance in "Children of a Lesser God".

He was awarded the 1997 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role of 1996 for his performance in "Uncle Vanya" at the Albery Theatre.

Three children with Sharon Maughan: Alice Eve aged 33, Jack aged 30 and George aged 22.

Did his lap on Top Gear (1978) in 1 minute 48 seconds - after the first couple of laps in which he buried the wheels in grass and mud, and then had to do an emergency stop as his front right tyre sailed off into the distance.

His father was English and his mother was Welsh.

Playing ex-husband to real-life wife Sharon Maughan's character in Taster's Choice commercial cycle. [2000]

Played a learner driver in an early 1970s public information film advising experienced drivers of the need to check their mirrors.

In 1986, he was considered for the role of James Bond before Timothy Dalton landed the role in The Living Daylights (1987).

He and his wife guest-starred on a 1992 episode of Murder, She Wrote (1984) but they share only one scene together, since they both have separate storylines that didn't really converge.