Sylvia Field Poster

Trivia (26)

Widow of screen actor Ernest Truex.

Prim, pleasant, gentle-voiced, often bespectacled American character actress of Broadway and occasional film who capped her career on TV in the late 1950s playing the cookie-baking neighbor Mrs. Wilson on the Dennis the Menace (1959) TV series.

Mother of actress Sally Moffet (1932-1995) from an earlier marriage, she was stepmother to Barry Truex, who also became a minor actor.

Volpone (1930). Comedy [revival]. As "Colomba.".

The Up and Up (1930). Comedy. As "Bee.".

Queen at Home (1930). Comedy. As "Jennifer Lee.".

Give Me Yesterday (1931). Melodrama. As "Sally.".

Just to Remind You (1931). Drama. As "Doris Sabin.".

Caught Wet (1931). As "Elizabeth Betts.".

Adam's Wife (1931). Drama. Written by Theodore St. John. Ritz Theatre: 28 Dec 1931- Jan 1932 (closing date unknown/8 performances). As "Jennie Adams." Cast included: Victor Kilian, Arthur C. Morris, Ernest Pollock, Ralph Urmy.

Marco Millions (1930). Comedy [revival]. As "Princess Kukachin.".

The Royal Family (1927). As "Gwen Cavendish.".

Behold This Dreamer (1927). Drama. As "Melodie.".

Broadway (1926). Drama. As "Billie Moore.".

The Butter and Egg Man (1925). As "Jane Weston.".

The Little Spitfire (1926). Comedy. As "Gypsy.".

Something to Brag About (1925). Comedy-farce. As "Millicent Harrington.".

The Betrothal (1918). Undetermined role.

Thunder (1919). Comedy. As "Azalea.".

The Cat and the Canary (1922). Melodrama. As "Annabelle West" [replacement actress].

Connie Goes Home (1923). Comedy.

Cock o' the Roost (1924). Comedy.

Mrs. Partridge Presents (1925). Comedy. As "Delight Partridge.".

Was close friends with Jay North even after Dennis The Menace ended.

She was a lifelong Democrat.

Upon her death, she was cremated and her ashes scattered.