Born 1981 as the youngest daughter of an immigrant family to Sweden - her mother Francine - a Jewish dance therapist from the Bronx, New York, and her father David - a medical journalist from London, England

  • Sarah Dawn Finer was surrounded by a lot of multicultural of
influences from the word go.

She grew up in a commune, full of people, music and impressions during a period of rich artistic creativity.

With professional singers like Eric Bibb (international blues artist), and her grandmother Dorothy Irving (professor in the classical lieder tradition) in the family, Sarah had leading exponents of rich and diverse vocal traditions close at hand.

Her home resounded with world music along with a multitude of other musical artists and genres - from Mozart to Bob Marley, Bob Dylan to Stevie Wonder, Janis Joplin to Nina Simone and all that mixed with hip-hop and house.

In the Finer-Mirro home, Sarah was also exposed to a lot of dance - especially by following her brother (dancer) Rennie Mirro's career, seeing a lot of theatre and film, as well as being immersed in the fiery global political debates of the day.

At the age of 6, Sarah landed a leading role in a TV series. This sparked her interest in performing, and soon Sarah and her older sister Zoie, now a singer and music teacher, joined a touring musical theatre company for kids, where they danced, sung and acted.

In her early teens, she starred in several Swedish TV series and films, as well as participating in talent competitions while spending her school years in the time-honored Stockholm music school of Adolf Fredrik (AF).

At AF, Sarah sang in choirs with a predominantly traditional, classical repertoire. Aged 12, to add some spice to her choir practice, Sarah approached the gospel/soul choir One Voice, staying with the choir for 6 years, giving concerts, touring and recording. The experience led on to her first own engagements, as a back-up singer behind various Swedish artists,and a session singer on demo records and jingles for songwriters and TV programs.

After high school studies at the Stockholm Music Conservatory Rytmus, Sarah decided to leave school at the age of 17 and embark wholeheartedly on a career as an artist.

The following years enriched her with a wide range of learning experiences, as she was extremely fortunate in having the opportunity to work as session/backing singer/musician with some of Sweden's top-ranking artists,songwriters and producers.

The list of artists is long and wide (check MUSIC) - from soulful Eric Gadd and Stephen Simmonds, rockers Teddybears STHLM to ABBA pop icon Agnetha Fältskog just to name a few, and among the producers e.g. Anders Bagge, Kristian Lundin, Andreas Carlsson and Peer Åström, who have written and produced for world artists such as Madonna, Celine Dion, Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, etc.

For a young artist, Sarah already has a formidable track record of concerts, tours and recordings, providing invaluable insights into diverse genres -soul, pop, rock, gospel, house, hip-hop, jazz and chansons.

She has also starred in musicals and shows such as RENT, Godspell and LIFE by and with the Swedish performer and writer Jonas Gardell.

Feeling the need for a time-out, Sarah, then 21 years old, moved to New York, and that's where she really felt inspired and got in to writing her own material..

Upon returning home, her development as a solo artist continued by way of duets with popular Swedish artists Moneybrother and Peter Jöback and appearances at large televised concerts, gala and royal festivities, like with ceremonies such the Stockholm Water Prize and the Polar Music Prize.

In 2004, Sarah also met and started collaborating with Glen Scott, a prominent artist, musician and songwriter then based in London, and other songwriters abroad and in Sweden to record more and more of her own songs.

This brings us up to date, to the beginning of what looks like a bright future and a great musical journey for this singer. During 2005, Sarah has sung under her own name with different great tours and concerts. She has also been the opening act for such artist as US-talent Gavin Degraw.

This year, as opposed too waiting for decisions from others, and in order to remain somewhat in control without to much influence from "the biz", she assumed a firm command of her own career and decided to release her music on her own. And so, in September of 2005 the live recorded EP - "Sarah Dawn Finer" came out.

2006 Sarah toured and did variety shows, and in 2007 the BIG Break really happend.. Sarah wrote "I remember love" with Peter Hallström and sent it in to the Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. The song was 1 of 32 that was chosen out of more than 3200 and in Feb at the Semi finals - Sarah rockets att the way to the finals, finishes 4th and becomes a smash hit on the charts and radio with the song. The debut Full length album came out in May of 2007 and debut of no 2 in the album charts! The album and the single sold gold status!