Trivia (7)

Kenny Ford Jr. is best known for his role as Kenny on "Kids Incorporated".

Kenny left "Kids Incorporated" after Season 8 finished filming. He was then replaced by Anthony Harrell during the final season of "Kids Incorporated".

Kenny made his acting debut on "Kidsongs". While he was on "Kidsongs" he met Devyn Puett. After their time on "Kidsongs" was over they went on to co-star on "Kids Incorporated" together during Season 5.

Kenny replaced Rahsaan Patterson on "Kids Incorporated".

Kenny's middle name is Wesley. He was born on March 8, 1977. Kenny was 11 years old when he joined "Kids Incorporated". Kenny Ford Jr. left the show when he was 15.

He is 6 months older than his former "Kids Incorporated" co-star Connie Lew. Kenny Ford Jr. is 9 months older than Devyn Puett.

Kenny Ford Jr and Jennifer Love Hewitt are the only cast members from Season 6 who returned to "Kids Incorporated" for Season 7. By the time Season 7 started filming Stacy Ferguson, Devyn Puett, and Richard Shoff had moved on to other projects.