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Quotes (6)

  • [at the Maine political delegation breakfast on July 26, 2004, replying to actor John Cusack, who saw Franken in the audience and said, "I'm not going to try and be funny"] I'm not going to try and act.
  • [2/06, in interview with Jay MacDonald entitled "Fame & Fortune: Comedian Al Franken"] No, I grew up very middle class. My parents didn't make a lot of money. My dad was not a high school graduate - he didn't have a career as such, he was a printing salesman essentially for most of his working life."
  • [interview with Marla Williams, Seattle Times, 3/11/96] I'm part of the mushball middle. I consider "confused" the majority position because, thankfully, most people would rather be uncertain some of the time than 100% positive all the time - even when they're wrong."
  • [2/96, interview with Mark Schapiro for "Salon"] The reason I chose [Rush Limbaugh] is, first of all, when I made the decision, it was late '94, right before the congressional elections. He was this huge power, he was being called the "Majority Maker" . . . and I listened to him, I just listened to him. And I thought, "How does this guy get away with this? . . . Someone's got to do something that's funny. Someone's got to do something in his face.
  • No one is more sensitive to the issue of overeating than the creator of Stuart Smalley.
  • [on his legal battle with Bill O'Reilly] Satire is protected speech in the United States, even if the object of the satire doesn't get it.