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Biography/bibliography in: "Contemporary Authors". New Revision Series, Vol. 132, pp. 150-155. Farmington Hills, MI: Thomson Gale, 2005.

Was nominated for Broadway's 1956 Tony Award for his adaptation of playwright Jean Giraudoux's Best Play nominee "Tiger at the Gates."

Awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1962.

The name "Fry" was his maternal grandmother's maiden name.

Father of Tam Fry.

He was a noted expert on the lives and works of the Bronte sisters and wrote an original film script about their lives at the start of the 1970s. Richard Fleischer wanted to direct it and Glenda Jackson, Mia Farrow and Hayley Mills were mentioned as potential stars. But funding proved difficult to find, and Fry's script was very long - Fleischer estimated the film would run at least four hours. Fry was disinclined to cut the script in half, and the film was not made. However, some years later, Fry rearranged it into the basis for a four-part TV mini-series.