Bryan Fuller Poster


Self professed Star Trek geek who watched and loved the Trek series "Deep Space Nine" and set out to write for them. At the time, Star Trek had an open script submission policy and Fuller contributed a spec, leading to a pitching opportunity. When he had sold a couple of stories to Deep Space Nine, Fuller was hired to be a full staff writer for sister Trek series "Voyager" in its fourth season. He worked on Voyager for the remainder of its seven-year run, working his way up to co-producer of the series.

During the last year of Voyager, Fuller delivered the pilot spec for "Dead Like Me" to his agent who immediately sold it. "Dead Like Me" was canceled after two seasons, but Fuller was a trusted commodity at this point and moved on to create the short-lived but critically acclaimed "Wonderfalls".

Fuller has had a meteoric career in television and has worked non-stop since first pitching to Deep Space Nine in 1993. He wrote and produced an animated movie with Mike Mignola called "The Amazing Screw-On Head". He then moved on to co-executive produce and write for "Heroes" which became a smash hit. Even though it got picked up for a second season Fuller left the show to create his critically acclaimed new show "Pushing Daisies".