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Was Dinah Shore's double on The Dinah Shore Chevy Show (1956) until her conflict in filming Jail Bait (1954) with Edward D. Wood Jr. caused her to get fired.

On her convention appearances, she brings her white angora sweater that she wore in her Edward D. Wood Jr. movies from decades ago. She adorns it over the fans' shoulders along with her when taking pictures. At home, she keeps it in a small freezer to preserve it.

Is portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker in Ed Wood (1994). In an interview about the movie, Dolores said that Sarah Jessica Parker never contacted her about portraying her in the movie. Instead, when they met at the press party for the movie, SJP told Dolores that she had just finished telling everyone at the party that she had just played the part of "the worst actress in the history of film" to her face. Dolores was naturally very hurt.

Interviewed in "It Came from Horrorwood: Interviews with Moviemakers in the SF and Horror Tradition" by Tom Weaver (McFarland, 1996).

For the last few years- she has been making Celebrity Convention appearances across the USA. [2000]

Residing quietly in Las Vegas, Nevada [2003]