Melissa Fumero Poster

Quotes (8)

  • I think comedy is so specific, so hard. I'd audition for comedies and think, 'I can't pull this off.'
  • Mindy Kaling is so smart and hilarious.
  • I'm realizing I'm not hip enough to know for sure what would be considered pop-culture.
  • I don't follow football, but I always watch the Superbowl.
  • I am so behind on all TV, and I love TV, but I literally, I get home so late, and when I get some time, I'm trying to catch up on my DVR.
  • I lie to myself every day when I tell myself, 'I can skip yoga.'
  • You know when you meet somebody and they're just good people? That's Andy Samberg.
  • It's going to sound like brown-nosing, but I love Parks and Recreation (2009).