Dawn Garcia Poster


Dawn Garcia is a writer, screenwriter, editor, TV Host, and Public Speaker. While she started in makeup and special effects (worked in production on Steven Spielberg's "Lost World" and with Placido Domingo at the LA Opera) it was writing that stole her heart. Her first writing opportunity came in 1998 with a chance encounter with Francis Ford Coppola. She wrote her first published piece of fiction in 1998 and has since gone on to be a contributing journalist, writer and editor to a multitude of Publications, online and in print. She started an online magazine, ATOD Magazine to offer a support platform for filmmakers, artists, chefs, designers, and visionaries alike.

She has written several pieces of fiction, published over 1,000 articles, 1 book, three screenplays, developed two TV Series, and is directing her first film this year (2018). She is represented by WME. Agent Contact: Collin Reno.

Dawn resides in Los Angeles with her daughter, Barcelona.