Dawn Garcia Poster

Quotes (4)

  • Everyone has their truth. Mine lies in the cinema.
  • It's knowing what really matters, what it is you're chasing-or avoiding-and what makes you feel alive that propels you into a place where your beautiful soul can shine.
  • We are not who we come from. We are who we allow ourselves to become.
  • In my life, I opted for the dream, the mental fatigue of working my ass off, of never faltering even when I wanted to. I chose motherhood over marriage, personal growth over making shoddy choices, being smart instead of giving in to being lonely. I chose to support my friends and colleagues-actors, chefs, publicists, agents, athletes, comedians, writers, filmmakers, lobbyists, social activists, environmentalists, dot-com-ers, artists, designers, visionaries-those that continue to break barriers, say to hell with the status quo, and who don't run with the pack, instead they lead the charge. I chose not to compete with them but rather hold myself to a similar standard. I have opted for self-respect, integrity, and to fight for what is right. I have chosen to live a life I won't regret because being a woman-a strong, fierce woman, filmmaker and mother-means I make no excuses. I stand tall, work hard, know my limitations, and I play to my strengths. I am highly imperfect and gloriously flawed.