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Missing half of his right middle finger

Guitarist, vocalist, song writer for Grateful Dead.

In the US, there is a Ben & Jerry's brand of ice cream called "Cherry Garcia".

The famous Grateful Dead House - home to many a "hit" - is located at 710 Ashbury Street in San Francisco.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (as a member of Grateful Dead). [1994]

Once met Frank Sinatra at an airport and the two discussed music theory.

The Roseanne (1988) episode "Halloween - The Final Chapter" was dedicated to his memory.

Co-writes his songs with Robert Hunter; Hunter writes the lyrics, Garcia the music.

Grateful Dead were voted the 55th Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Artists of all time by Rolling Stone.

Ranked number 13 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

Had 4 daughters: Heather, Annabelle, Thersea, and Keelin.

He won the award for best Banjo player in the amateur division at the 1963 Monterey Folk Festival.

A keen and talented artist, he created over 500 pieces of artwork during his lifetime. Some can be found on his website and in various books, galleries, and art tours.

Suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in the later years of his life, it hampered his mobility and guitar playing.

Once during a benefit concert in the late 1980s on stage with fellow guitar great Carlos Santana, Santana stopped playing mid-song to salute Garcia who was playing so brilliantly.

Was a master bluegrass Banjo picker who helped revive the Banjo sound and helped bring it to a younger and more mainstream audience with his playing in the band Old and in the Way and other sessions.

Was one of the first rock musicians to master the pedal steel guitar and helped revive its sound and help it reach a bigger and more mainstream audience due to his playing with Crosby Stills Nash & Young and The New Riders of the Purple Sage in the country rock genre.

Most known for his long, flowing, and melodic guitar solo's and improvisation in live music.

Worked for a short time as a proofreader for Lenny Bruce in the early 1960s.

Was once held hostage in a hotel room at gunpoint by a pimp who had Garcia mistaken for another man he was after.

Had a fourth daughter named Keelin with partner Manasha Matherson in 1987. Despite still being married to Carolyn Adams at the time, though they were married (since 1981 mainly for financial reasons) they didn't live together.

In 1986, he went into a severe diabetic coma and nearly died. When he awoke, he had to relearn how to play the guitar, but started touring with the Dead again the following year.

Formed a folk-rock duo with Sara Ruppenthal, whom he then married, called "Jerry and Sara". They were divorced in 1967. [1963]